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Calvary wasn’t a last minute decision!

Calvary wasn’t a last minute decision!


     On a recent trip to Atlanta I noticed several buildings that were new construction along the drive down Interstate 85. The buildings were all about the same size, maybe 3 to 4 floors tall and each appeared at about the same place in their progress. What struck me was that one part of the construction seemed very far ahead of the rest. As I observed at each building site you could easily make out the stairwells as they were strategically located in the middle of the building and at what I assume will be opposite ends to the building. They towered over the rest of the building as a sentinel watching the progress that was happening.

     Now in years past stairs were very important in buildings of this size to get between floors. As a child I can remember going into these 3 to 4 story buildings and having to walk up the stairs to each floor in order to visit the businesses that were located there, however the purpose of stairs has changed. Due to ADA rules today the vast majority of buildings this size must have elevators to carry its visitors from floor to floor. Stairs are used by a few who see the health benefits of walking up and down them each day but the main reason they are there is entirely different.

     Today stairs are primarily seen as an escape route in case a fire breaks out. Everyone has seen those sign’s, you know the ones posted near the elevators that say “In case of emergency do not use this elevator”. Usually somewhere near that sign you’ll also see a map that directs you to the nearest stairwell where you can descend the stairs and exit the building safely. So you see the architect knew there was a need to have a way of escape and it was so important that when construction began this vital element of the building gets top priority in the construction process.

     Calvary is much like these buildings. From the beginning God knew that man would mess up and there would need to be a plan for escape. It wasn’t something that caught God off guard. It’s not like he was surprised to find Adam and Eve munching on that fruit. He didn’t walk up and say “Well there’s a shocker, they disobeyed”. Nope He knew from the beginning that man would sin and just as He knew man would sin He also knew He was going to provide an escape. 1 Peter 1: 18-20 says that before the foundations of this world was laid God knew it would take the precious blood of His son to redeem mankind. Titus 1:2 says that it was before time began that this Hope was secured. Rev 13:8 speaks of a Lamb prepared before time began.

     You see just as those stairs provide an escape in case a building catches fire our Lord has prepared a way of escape, from the beginning, for those that would just follow the signs (His Word). There is no plan B, the elevators of life won’t take you to safety. It’s only by the blood of Jesus that you can be saved and God prepared for that from the very beginning.


Darryl D.



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