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Bruce Jenner and the Believers Response

     Well its been a few weeks since Bruce Jenner made it official that he was going to change his name, and a few other things, and start living as a women. I've seen so many observations that its nearly overwhelming but I'd like to respond to a select group of post, those of fellow Believers. As a Believer I doubt that many of my thoughts would ever align with nonbelievers opinions. I have accepted the fact that nonbelievers have a different world view and therefore they start at a different place in their opinions and they have a different end goal than believers. So I'll confine myself to two separate statements that seem to be out of place in the post that some Believers have posted.

     First is the misconception about being happy that I've seen several Believers post. Several times during the news process I've seen Believers post that we all just need to get a life and leave Bruce alone because if this makes him happy then whats it to us. Well that sounds good but it isn't Biblically sound for many reasons. You see the Bible never makes any allusions that we should ever have happiness as a goal or that we will always be happy. It speaks of joy and being full of joy but never does it allude to being full of happiness. Now some would say whats the difference, we use these words interchangeably all the time. The stark difference for Believers is that happiness is self obtained! Phrases like "do what makes you happy" or "finding true happiness" give us the clear difference that happiness is obtained through ones decisions and choices while joy is only received through a relationship with Christ. Even beyond this is the idea of happiness verses Holiness. Here is another misunderstanding that some Believers have. They equate being happy as being right with God. That if things are all wonderful in their lives that God is somehow smiling down on them with His blessings and if things are difficult (unhappy) that God is showing His displeasure. Nothing could be more inaccurate. You see Holiness is acting in such a way that God will be pleased and that sometimes is uncomfortable and even painful. Just remember a few people like Daniel, David and Paul, they were Holy but there were many times they weren't very happy.

     Second is the more disturbing statement, by Believers no less, that says leave Bruce alone and stop judging him. I've written before concerning the false, non-Biblical idea that Christians aren't to Judge. There are a few text within scripture that if taken out of the context of the passage would seem to support the idea of not judging but once it's read within the context of the entire scripture the don't judge ideology doesn't hold water. You see I can say Bruce is wrong because the Bible has already spoken about this. It's clear! I can say murder is wrong, I can say child abuse is wrong and I can say many other things are wrong because the Bible has already made this determination. Some would even say its legalistic to judge Bruce wrong. Legalism adds new laws or defines correct Biblical standards in an attempt to control so this isn't legalism. So stating that Bruce stands in opposition to God's plan is neither wrong or is it legalistic.

     So how do I feel we, as a Christian community, should respond. First we respond because Bruce and others want this to define our society and they do it in a bold and public way. They seek to present this as normal behavior. In reading the scripture presenting sin as acceptable is nothing new and it is always handled with Biblical rebuke. But exactly what does that look like. Should we make crude jokes or call him vulgar names. Should we spit on him or throw something at him if we run into him. The answer is a loud NO!!! The Christian should love Bruce Jenner. We can express that love in gentle but firm correction that expresses the truth about God's creation of Men and Women, we can express that love in deep and constant prayer and we can express that love by seeking to help him find the truth. Remember it's never to late for God to change any life.


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