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"Dont Judge Me"

     If you are alive and I assume you are since you are reading this blog then you have either said, have been told the phrase or at least heard said “Don’t Judge Me”. In our current culture the most recognizable scripture is no longer John 3:16 but Matthew 7:1 and if that doesn’t strike a chord then let me give you the words of that scripture; “Judge not, that you be not judged”. We see it played out between family members, friends and co-workers every day where someone points out something that seems to be a shortfall or an activity that is detrimental and in return is chided to not stand in judgment. The amazing thing for me as a Pastor is how often Christians are throwing the “Don’t Judge Me” bomb. So what does this scripture really tell us to do?

     Since this is Christ speaking in this passage I assume He has a perfect understanding of what He is saying. What I mean is that we can look at His life and see if there are any cases where Christ went against His own teaching. I have to admit that I believe Christ was perfect and with that knowledge I must assume that any actions He takes are also perfect. So what about Christ words? Do they ever seem to judge people?

     In Matthew 7:6 just five verses past the aforementioned verse we see Jesus calling certain people dogs and even worse he calls some people pigs. I can only assume that he is not saying their physical appearance reminds Him of these animals but their lifestyles were such that Christ compared them to that of these animals and that He is calling them out to change those very lifestyles. A few verses later in verse 15 he calls people wolves for their ability to be deceitful and to fake a belief in Christ. We see many today who wish to appear “good” who mimic Christlikeness and who would throw the “Don’t judge Me” bomb if you pointed out that their goodness wouldn’t secure salvation. In Matthew 21:12 when Jesus ran the money changers out of the Temple he said they were all thieves. Don’t know about you but to me that’s some pretty strong judgment for someone who says not to judge.

     Now I know some of you are saying amen but a group of you are saying wait just a minute. This was Jesus, the second part of the Trinity, equal with God. He is perfect and therefore has every right to judge. Well you’ve got me there. I started with the most perfect example out there but hold on to your hats cause there’s more. What about the first two appearances of Peter and John before the Sanhedrin. Peter makes it crystal clear that he believed these men to be murderers. Or what about the wonderful scene in Acts where Stephen is standing before this same group of men and he calls them “whited tombs” (for those that don’t know this wasn’t a compliment). Paul holds back nothing and in many of his writings speaks often of perverse men. How dare he JUDGE them perverse. I could go on with many more examples but they all ring with the same truth. Judging someone does not equal calling them accountable for an open or hidden sin in their lives.

     So where does this leave us. Let me give you an example of what our young people think. I had a great discussion with a young lady whom I have great respect for concerning judgment. Here final statement really scared me as a Minister. She said that no person has a right to judge another person because all opinions are equal. This boils it down to where the no judgment attitude has taken us. We are now a people who hold all opinions to be equal. Anyone who speaks against even our opinion is judging you. What a scary thought. It makes me ask these questions. People who believe robbery is ok are equal with those who feel it’s wrong? People who think driving recklessly is ok are equal with those that respect our laws? Men who think its ok to have sexual relations with underage children have an opinion worthy to be called equal to those that know this to be wrong? The list could go on forever. The truth is not all opinions are equal and God has set up a clear line between right and wrong.

     Matthew 7:1 doesn’t tell us to refrain from seeing in the lives of other people behavior or activities that go against God and then in a loving way point those failures out. The Scriptural truth clearly points to the believer in Christ as being the only ones who have the authority to even attempt such an endeavor. Our biggest problem however, in doing so, is that we never have enough of a relationship with the person that allows this to happen. We rush in with harsh, better than you attitudes that pave the way for the “Don’t Judge Me” bomb to be hurled in our direction. So what should we do? Tread softly, be patient but if you see someone drowning don’t allow what they say to keep you from trying to rescue them.


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