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Healing or Hiding

I've had an ongoing conversation with a friend concerning the ministry of another Church in our area. This Church seems to collect members from other Church’s. There's not a lot of evangelism going on (actually some people who go there say that it’s spiritually dead) but there is a slow and regular flow of people joining from other Churches. I've heard that the Pastor considers his Church a place of healing, a place where people who have been injured or abused at former Churches come to heal from how they were treated. Now let me be the first to say from experience that Churches can really wear you out. There are times when you are exhausted from ministry and there has to be a change. You just have to move on. But most people, from my experience, aren't really in need of that healing. Most of the people who I know who go to one of these self-professed "Churches of Healing" are really just members who got uncomfortable when they were called to accountability from other members or from the pulpit and needed a new place of Hiding. They liked the way they lived their life, they didn't want to hear sermons that challenged, they have been doing Church the same way for years and that’s just who they are. A "Church of Healing" really is just a new location for their "Church of Hiding". How do you tell the difference? Well it’s very simple; a person who is called of God even if they are injured will heal quickly and will soon seek to be serving God. A sold out for Christ member doesn’t lose that fire when they are injured, it only burns a little dimmer. They will seek opportunities to serve and to fulfill the work of the gospel. A person who is just hiding will sit in their pew, maybe or maybe not tithe, get behind the status quo of the new Church and support this Pastor as long as he never questions their service to God. Don’t buy the story that these Churches are serving a purpose, they are only enabling weak Christians to remain weak.



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