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Have you checked your building lately?

Have you checked your building lately?

     Recently I was listening to a national news broadcast and the host ask the guest about their view on homosexual marriage. The guest stated that they had stood against homosexual marriage for years but that had now changed. Now she was for homosexual marriage and the reason she gave left me shaking my head. Understand it wasn't the first time I had heard this reasoning but for the first time I saw its absurdity. She stated that her view had changed once her child had admitted to her that they were homosexual. Yep, that's all it took. Little Billy of little Veronica had declared their homosexuality and now mom has come to the conclusion for the first time in her life that it's all OK.

     When the host heard this they smiled slightly as if to say "Oh how wonderful that you have become enlightened to the truth". Just think if the conversation had been on another topic, one maybe like obesity. The host ask about moms view on obesity and she says that she used to be against it but not that little Billy had grown up and was 150 pounds over weight she was now ok with obesity. Or what if the host had asked a dad about his views on prostitution and dad responded that he used to take a firm stand against prostitution until his daughter, little Veronica, went into the business and now he thinks it's just fine. Do you see the absurdity in such a response.

     Well before you get too worked up go back to God's word and you can see an explanation. Matthew chapter 7 tells us that we can build on one of two different foundations. One is to build upon the solid rock that is Jesus Christ. That is a foundation that not only doesn't move but it also doesn't offer the builder a new view every day or so. It doesn't matter what is happening around it remains the same. What you see is what you get. You'll never hear someone who has built upon this foundation say that they have changed their opinion and now believe something that doesn't match the foundation that they stand upon. However the other foundation is shifting sand. The view with this foundation is very fluid and can change from moment to moment. It makes fitting into society much easier because as the sands shift under everyone then your views allow you to fit in and reduces all conflict. The only trouble is that in the end, with all things built on shifting sand, everything you've built will collapse.

     As we continue towards eternity I am afraid the building trend is going to continue. More and more people are going to build on shifting sand. As this happens don't be surprised as people stop and stare at your life built on a solid rock. Don't get upset when they stop and laugh and call you old fashioned. Just remember that in the end your foundation will never fail you.


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