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Spiritual Illnesses

Spiritual Illnesses

(That are in most every Church)


Outrage Absentia


The person who displays this illness will have the following symptoms


  1. This person will fain emotions of outrage that will be directed totally at you.
  2. They will never compliment you on any successes that may have come about under your leadership.
  3. Their outrage is based upon something they are sure has offended another member of the Church.
  4. They have never been asked to speak on behalf of the person who supposedly was offended.
  5. They will attempt to remove from you any positive emotions or feelings, you must feel bad and look repentant.
  6. Any suggestion that this person has misinterpreted the situation is a personal attack on their integrity.


Example: Pastor Bob has been at his current pastorate for 10 years. He is well loved and the Church is growing. Bill is an older member who teaches and was more comfortable with the former Pastor who's ministry didn't rock the boat. On one particular Sunday the Pastor brought a message that included a humorous story that seemed to be well received. Upon finishing the sermon Bill came directly to the Pastor to inform him of how insensitive the Pastor had been by using the humorous story. Bill went on to say that another member had some similarities with the story, thus the Pastor was out of line and should be ashamed of his actions, repent immediately and sacrifice his weeks pay as retribution. The Pastor decides instead to see if the other member really had been offended. Turns out he wasn't, also turns out Bill hadn't ask if is was offended.


Omniscient Motivititous


The person who displays this illness will have the following symptoms


  1. This person has an unbelievable ability to know what every other person is doing and even thinking that attends your Church.
  2. They will approach you often and let you know that they are fully aware of what you are up to.
  3. They will always have a comparison to you activity. i.e... Mr Smith acted or behaved the same way before he...
  4. They cannot be convinced that your intentions or that your motives are pure. You have been judged and found guilty.
  5. No amount of facts or prior correct behavior has any place in the conversation. It is rejected outright.


Example: Sarah is a faithful member and in no way is she new to her faith. She has been one of the hardest working members within the Church for years. Sarah is asked by the Pastor to help start a new Sunday School class that will cater to Young Married couples. Now it just so happens that Bob's daughter teaches a class that caters to a group that is best described as college and career. Most in this class are not married and the few Young Married Couples that do visit don't stay long because they feel out of place and soon drop out of Sunday School and sometimes out of Church all together. The Pastor sees this class as an opportunity to engage a group that isn't being ministered to, but not Bob! Bob knows what the Pastor is up to. He's seen it before. The Pastor doesn't like his daughter or her teaching style and this is an attempt to run her out of her teaching position. Bob knows what the Pastor is up to and he's willing to tell everyone what a low life he is for not even coming to talk to him or his daughter before doing such a unhanded thing (even though Bob would never call the Pastor to clear things up). Bob uses his super powers and knows what the Pastors motivations are. He just wants to get Bob mad, he wants to stop his daughters class and he has "An Agenda" that he's going to push through no matter who stands in his way. Bob is sick, he's got Omniscient Motivititous.



Priorititus Calendaria


The person who displays this illness will have the following symptoms


  1. This person has a keen understanding of where you are to be each and every hour of the day.
  2. They are able to look at a list of needs and prioritize them so others know what is to be done first and what is optional.
  3. They are even aware of how you are to spend your family time (of course family time to them should be limited and family time is always to take a back seat to ministry work)
  4. They do not take as an answer that you can't be in two places at once. They believe you can.
  5. Your physical and mental health should not stand in way of being on all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Example: Bob is upset! One of the members of the Church, a member who is a great tither by the way, is having surgery to remove a corn from their foot. A simple surgery that will be done in the Doctors office. The Pastor called the member and told them that he will be praying for them and that he hope this removes the pain they are feeling when they walk. He lets them know that he is going to be leaving that same morning for vacation and won't be able to come by but will follow up later that day. Did I mention that Bob is upset? Bob calls the Pastor and rakes him over the coals. Bob tells him how important this member is to meeting budget, he ask the Pastor if maybe he doesn't understand the sacrifice a Pastor has to make. Bob berates him for not taking that time from his family and maybe shortening his vacation by one day. He goes on to say that he's been watching the Church and lately he hasn't seen the Pastors car there in the mornings and it's gone in the afternoons too. He says, remember Pastor we pay your salary. Bob is sick with Priorititus Calendaria. Bob knows best when it comes to where the Pastor should be.


More to follow......


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