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Things Christians say that drive me crazy.

Things Christians say that drive me crazy.


     When I was growing up there was a show on TV that was hosted by Art Linkletter, the show was called; "Kids say the darndest things". Art would interview children and you just never knew what they were going to say. It led to a lot of laughs. The Christian community is filled with many believers that from time to time say some of the darndest things. I thought I would write a few of these down.


1. God will understand if I do ....?


     This is first on my list for a reason, it makes me cringe every time I hear it. Christians wanting to justify their actions or behavior by dismissing their Creator. God isn't able to understand because that's just a code word for accept. He doesn't conform to your weaknesses and shortcomings. He never suspends His truth so you will be free to take the easy path.


2. You can make the Bible say anything.


     Now I know you can twist the scripture and come up with some weird beliefs but this statement goes beyond the pale. In fact I would say that it verges on blasphemy. The Bible says what it does and it will never have any double meanings. It is people that will say anything.


3. When little (insert the name of any child) died it was because God needed another Angel.


    This one hurts more than I can explain. It usually comes from a friend or family member who is trying to comfort a parent that has lost a child. They think that somehow by identifying with a heavenly being that there will be comfort. When anyone and that includes children die they never become an angel. The very comparison degrades the one who has died. In heaven angels serve God. They are not redeemable. They have no inheritance and they are never called the children of God. It may sound sweet but in reality it's nearly an insult.


More to come...


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