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Rubber Christians

     Yes that’s what I said. Rubber Christians! You know the group of people in the Christian community that have the habit of bouncing. I've been in ministry for thirty years and I've seen these people all over. There have been a few in the Churches that I have pastored but you usually can identify them easier outside the local Church where they seem to be freer to talk. Their conversations usually begin with "I deserve or I like" and usually end with "That’s just how it should be or if things don’t go my way I'll just leave". What's all their frustration about? Why would they leave a group of people they claim to love so deeply?

     Rarely is it about a lack of people coming to the Lord in the Church, matter of fact I've never met a rubber Christian who was very concerned about the lostness in our world. Most often they aren't very concerned about Biblical preaching either. Just as long as the Pastor stays on the road visiting at least 8 hours a day they will overlook poor doctrine and poor preparation. It also never seems to be about evangelistic outreach. They are quick to tell you that’s why they give their offerings, so that someone else can get that work done.

     So what’s the issue? What makes these rubber Christians bounce? Well it's usually about the music or the Bible or the new people who've joined the Church who are now filling positions that should have been filled by someone who's been here much longer. It's about including people in the worship services, people like those pesky teenagers who lead us in worship twice a year and sing their own music instead of "This little light of mine". It doesn't take much to set them off, mention the word change and they're ready to identify the Pastor as the anti-christ.

   I say I don't see many of these people because they usually bounce to another Church, usually one with a Pastor who molds his ministry to serve these individuals. He becomes a Chaplain to them, denounces change as a tool of Satan and comfort’s them when they gossip about how bad it was at their former Church, the Church they loved so much (By the way, If they talk about their former Church you shouldn’t be surprised that they’ll talk about you!). All these rubber Christians grouping together reminds me of the container that sat on the counter of the old five and dimes that were around when I was a child. It had bouncy rubber balls of different colors and different sizes but they had one thing in common, they all bounced.

     Glad to serve with a congregation that supports my desire to be a Biblical Pastor. I seek to always follow the lead of the Shepard who was kind enough to write His directions down for me to read in the only guide any Pastor should ever read, the Word of God, The Holy Bible.

Make today count.


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