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Uttermost (Our World)

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I can't imagine just how different the world must have been during the time of Christ when God told his disciples to go into the whole world. The population at that time is estimated to have been somewhere between 250 and 350 million whereas today the population is over 7 billion people. The main population concentration was in Europe while today the two largest populated countries are in Asia and those two countries alone make up over 25% of the worlds population. During Christ time the Gospel was just beginning to be preached and today it is preached across the world in thousands of cities each day. However we are far from done. We still have not taken the Good News to every tribe or even every nation. There are over 3000 people groups that do not have even 1 believer that shares the good news with his people. There are even more that have very few believers are are burdened by the weight of the ministry that lays before them. While all this is in countries that allow the Gospel to be preached there are even more countries where speaking the name of Christ is punishable by death. We have a huge task ahead of us. Let us be found faithful and may the World be changed because we have accepted the title of Missionaries for the cause of Christ.

Montgomery Memorial is currently working with the people of Moldova to plant a new Church in a village that has never had congregation to minister to the people of their area. We are committed to support this new congregation with not only our financial gifts but to send annual teams to work alongside this new congregation.

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We would like to introduce to you the young man that will be leading the Church start in Moldova. His name is Sergiu Matei (pictured). He is married to Victoria and they have one daughter named Otilia and they are expecting their second. He has been working in another Church in the area and has a burden for the unchurched people of Moldova. He will be planting a Church in the village of Hirbovat. This is a village of about 5 thousand people and currently doesn't have an Evangelical Congregation. Please pray for this man and his family as they fulfill the great commission.

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