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Partners in Ministry

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Gainesville Care Center
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Southern Baptist Convention
  • Georgia Baptist Convention
  • Gideon's International

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Jerusalem (Hall County)

 We have been called to share the Gospel to the people of Hall County. We understand that this call is to those that have no knowledge of what Jesus has accomplished on their behalf. This call is also to those that at one time heard the message and responded but since have departed from fellowship with other believers. We understand that we will be reaching out to people that are in many ways very different than we are. People that do not share a common background or history, people that live their lives in ways that may seem peculiar to how we live.

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 We pledge to overcome any barrier, to make needed sacrifices and reach to where no one else is willing to go. We will not give up, give in or give out. May Hall County be changed because we have accepted the title of Missionaries for the cause of Christ.

Mission opportunities

Twice monthly meals for Day laborers:

Purpose: This ministry involves the distribution of meals to the men who are waiting to hired for work along Atlanta Highway. Each person will help in one or more areas of the process. The areas include the procurement of food to be prepared, the preparation of the meals and the delivery to the men.

Time required: The time needed to participate in this ministry will vary according to which area you work within but should not exceed 2 hours for any one activity.

Quarterly meals for Good News at Noon.


School supplies for Children.

Purpose: This ministry involves providing school supplies to children in our community from Pre-K to High School age; including book bags. We will be hosting a “Get ready for school day” at the church on Saturday July 14th. This event will include giving out book bags full of school supplies for each grade, lunch, games & activities.

Time Required: The time needed for this ministry will vary according to your level of participation; either buying supplies, filling the book bags, preparing the lunch on the day of the event. Helping with games and activities on the day will also be needed.

Summer meal program. 

Purpose: This ministry involves providing meals once a week for the children in our community who receive free or reduce lunches at school who do not have enough food during the summer. Sometimes we will have them come to the church for lunch (pizza, hotdogs, etc.) and sometimes we will deliver to the home.

Time Required: The time required will depend on your level of participation. When we host the children at the church we will need help preparing & serving the children. When we are delivering to the homes we will need to fill the boxes of food and then deliver to the families.

Basket in ICU, CCU at hospital.


Blessing Baskets (monthly)

Purpose: This ministry involves preparing and delivering goodie baskets to worthy groups like public servants. Fire & Police departments, Hospice staff, Chattahoochee Baptist Association, public school staff & teachers, etc.

Time Required: The time needed for this ministry will be 1 to 2 hours per month. You will be filling the baskets and delivering them to the location.

Business Blessing (twice per year)

Purpose: This ministry involves support a local Christian based business. We will choose 2 businesses each year to support on one specific day. This could be a local restaurant or other local business.

Time Required: The time required for this ministry is to participate at the specific time & to tell your friends and family.

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